Sailing boat on the Cornish coast

Sailing The Cornwall Coast

There is no other way to celebrate the history and tradition of Cornwall than sailing the coast. While the county is now popular for being the ultimate summer destination, it used to be known for the fishing industry.

While catching some fish is not the purpose of getting on board, it does allow you to see experience Cornwall from the sea. These sailboats have bunk beds for longer trips, although there are shorter voyages for those who just want a taste of sailing in Cornwall.

A Full Cornish Experience

Sailing activity in Cornwall
Sailing activity in Cornwall. Photo by Ross Tinney on Unsplash

Everything about the trip has been well planned to be the ultimate Cornish experience. Onboard, you can enjoy fresh seafood, some fished locally or following traditional recipes.

The itinerary has also been carefully planned so you can enjoy the best views and spots that Cornwall has to offer. From the boat, you can experience these places differently. In fact, you can see some of the popular coves and caves from up close. All this without having to hike up and down, which can be truly tiring.

Cornwall has wonderful spots that have inspired artists and writers for many years. Your sailing trip can include these destinations where you can fully relax and enjoy the views. You might also find yourself finding some inspiration. Or discover a love for the sea that you have never unearthed. You can simply explore the county in such a unique but truly amazing way.

This nautical heritage can be fully experienced onboard the ships that have been a part of Cornwall’s sailing history. These ships may be older but they have skillfully sailed through the tough waters off of the coast. In fact, being on board is already taking part in that long history.

Your sailing trip can bring you past beautiful ports and charming lighthouses, as well as small market towns and dramatic bays. It is suitable for first-time sailors and other visitors who want to have a unique Cornish experience. Bird watchers, star gazers, and wanna-be sailors will love the trip.

St Ives in Cornwall
St Ives in Cornwall. Just one of the beauty spots you can visit on a sailing experience.

Finding the Best Sailing Trip In Cornwall

The most important tip to booking the trip of a lifetime is to find the right ship for you. There are many different corners of Cornwall to explore, as well as various ships to choose from. Ask around for their itineraries, making sure to ask what is included and what is not. You can plan the best destinations and stops with your crew.

Onboard, you will also enjoy learning about sailing and how to manoeuvre the ship, which by itself is a history lesson. Learning about how these ships were operated for many centuries is not the same as reading about it. If you have sailors or fishermen in your family, you can experience a bit of how their lives were.

You can also arrange your meals, enjoying the local ingredients prepared by the onboard chef. Do not forget to enjoy some traditional Cornish treats along with your tea.

The Cornish coast has been the inspiration for many artists and poets, and sailing will give you a first-hand view of this beauty. For a unique holiday, book your private sailing trip in Cornwall now.

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