Hiking in Cornwall

The Best Hiking Routes in Cornwall

Cornwall is known for its coastline – and rightly so. With 300 miles of coastline in its vicinity, it’s hard to believe that there are barely any beaches Cornwall has to offer. While most tourists go to these beaches, there is another outdoor activity that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit this world-famous county.

The Best Hiking Routes in Cornwall

You don’t have to be a hiker to appreciate climbs. In fact, you can be a newbie in hiking and still enjoy the breathtaking views Cornwall has to offer. The great thing about these hikes is that you won’t only be able to see the landscape (although this is a prize enough), you can also do other great things at the peaks.

Check out these 4 great hiking routes.

1. Land’s End Loop to Porthcurno

Rugged cliffs near Land's End in Cornwall
Rugged cliffs near Land’s End in Cornwall

When you hear the name “Land’s End” you would think that you’re in some Narnia adventure. It may not exactly be the same, but there is no denying that this is a hike worth taking. The hike has a total of 5.8 miles from Land’s End to Porthcurno. When you go towards Porthgwarra, you will end up at a secluded beach called Nanjizal. This is one of the best-kept secrets of Cornwall. Here you’ll find an archway that was naturally made. Just peeking through it is a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Fowey to Polperro

A bit longer than the Land’s End hike, Fowey to Polperro is about 7 miles each way. What’s great about this hike is that even if it’s tiring, the spots you will visit are very calming. You will be starting off at Fowey which is a place with lots of yachts by the shoreline. You will also be able to walk around the cobbled streets enjoying your pasties. When you’re ready for the hike, just go towards the foot ferry to Polruan. From here your hike starts.

3. Constantine Bay to Mawgan Porth

Coast path near Mawgan Porth
Coast path near Mawgan Porth

If you prefer an easier trail, then this 7-mile hike is for you. You will be starting at Treyarnon Beach and passing through Trethias Island. This place is a must-see as you will be witnessing a narrow channel with a flock of seagulls always guarding it. When you descend from here, you will be greeted by a field where you can rest or have a picnic. After a relaxing meal, you can go back up towards the Bedruthan Steps which are huge stacks of stone where you can find a lot of rock formations.

4. Lizard Point to Mullion Cove

When you look at the map, this trek seems easy and can be finished in no time. However, this isn’t the case. In reality, this trek from Lizard Point to Mullion Cove is filled with steep walks and treks along the rocks. What makes it worth it then? In spite of the difficulty in going through this path, the view from the cliff is something you should see. Come springtime, there are a lot of flowers in bloom which makes the walk more scenic. And when you reach the top, you can see the sea turn a little pink and white under the sun.

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