Eden Project in Cornwall

4 Cornish Experiences to do Before You Die

Many go on a holiday vacation to unwind and have fun. However, people go to Cornwall specifically to make wonderful memories from a wide array of experiences from tasting the famed cuisine of the region to exploring its historic mining and fishing villages and a whole lot more. Some go surfing while others prefer coasteering. For those who are still wondering what to do in the picturesque landscape of Cornwall, here are 4 Cornish experiences you can bring home.

1. The Eden Project

Eden Project biomes in Cornwall
Eden Project biomes in Cornwall

You don’t need to travel the world to enjoy the planet’s most exotic flora. You only need to visit The Eden Project. In fact, you can visit all year round and you’d be treated to a stunning display of fresh blooms in three different regions of the planet, beautifully encased and nurtured in state of the art biomes. Children and adults alike are treated to a variety of activities to help them appreciate better the different ecosystems in the planet. There are also restaurants and gift shops within the sprawling ecological paradise so you’ll never leave either empty-handed or feeling hungry.

2. The Culinary Empire of Padstow

Cornwall is home to some of the UK’s finest dairy farms to complement the bountiful harvests from its shores. You can thus expect some of the country’s best culinary geniuses to set up shops in the region. For instance, English celebrity chef, Rick Stein, has clearly made Padstow his culinary empire, building and establishing four restaurants with three more in Falmouth, Newquay, and Porthleven. Included in Stein’s empire are several schools, a shop specifically for fish and chips, a seafood school, a deli, and even a gift shop. And then there are the restaurants of Nathan Outlaw and Jamie Oliver as well as other notable celebrity chefs.

3. Coastal Bike Trails

Biking on the Cornish Coast. Photo by Elliot Walker
Biking on the Cornish Coast. Photo by Elliot Walker

The landscape of Cornwall is best appreciated by taking a ride along the trail where the land meets the sea. From Portreath to Devoran you’ll be treated to 11 fantastic miles of pristine waters on one side of the trail and scenic countryside on the other. This famed stretch of bike trail provides a fabulous glimpse of the industrial ruins that have helped shape the landscape of this British region. Visitors can rent bikes from either end of the trail as they head north to south, and vice versa, passing through the West Devon Mining Landscape which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

4. Mastering Bodmin Moor’s Bushcraft

If you want to hone your survival skills, spending a day or two at the South Penquite Farm, fully enlisted with their bushcraft course, will give you all the fundamental skills you’ll ever need to be a budding Bear Grylls. The course is set on the scenic yet wild Bodmin Moor where you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of unique wildlife. And if this doesn’t appeal to you, there are always fly-fishing and art workshops to keep you busy.

Bring home a piece of Cornish heritage by visiting these places. You’ll never regret every moment of it. They will no doubt be the highlight if your trip to Cornwall.

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