Choosing a wedding photographer in Cornwall

Getting the Best Photos From Your Wedding Day in Cornwall

If you’ve been researching weddings in Cornwall for a while you will have been bombarded with stunning photos of couples in beautiful coastal locations. Many of these photos are circulated by the very best wedding photographers operating in Cornwall. They are inspirational and aspirational. They make you want to pay for top photographers whatever the price. But before you blow your budget on hiring a photographer for your wedding, consider these tips for getting the best quality photos from your big day.

Select the Right Venue

Eden Project wedding venue in Cornwall

It sounds obvious but you will only get truly stunning photos from a beautiful location. Luckily these are everywhere in Cornwall; you are spoilt for choice. Most people will opt for a coastal setting and try to combine beach, rocks, sea and sun into memorable wedding snaps. But as well as the beach there are plenty of options in Cornwall which will serve perfectly as a beautiful backdrop. These include country houses, gardens, farms, forests and even a rainforest if you get married at The Eden Project. Choose wisely. The wedding venue will feature in your wedding photos which you will most likely view every day for the rest of your life. It must be special.

Choose Between DIY and Professional Photos

Wedding couple in Cornwall

Most couples will want a professional to take care of their wedding photos. They simply don’t want the hassle of organising the shots and want to make sure they get the quality photos they deserve. But professional photographers are expensive, especially in Cornwall where weddings are very popular. You could save yourself thousands and try to do it yourself or ask a friend or relative who is handy with a camera to take some informal photos on the day. Some people even provide polaroid or disposable cameras for a make-shift and creative alternative to standard wedding photos.

Compare Photographers’ Packages

Wedding photographer in Cornwall

While nothing is expensive when it comes to your wedding day, the cost of the shoot is important. Reality is you have to stay within your budget and make the best choice then. When you are choosing your photographer see what packages they have to offer. If you are getting a cinematic wedding shoot along with a post wedding couple shoot in the same price as a simple wedding shoot, I would recommend you go for the first package. Also discuss details such as the number of pictures and the quality of album the photographer provides. After all you are paying them to do the work.

Choose a Style

There are different ways in which a photo album can be made. There is a documentary style, an artistic style and many other styles as well. How do you want your album to look? Make up your mind and then go with the photographer who specialises in your particular style. If that is not possible, choose a photographer whose work is most close to your liking.

Personality Matters

It is very likely that if you choose a photographer that has a personality that matches yours, you will like their work. If you are an open minded person who tries to do new things, choose a photographer that makes you try new things. If you like photographs that are old school, you need to choose a photographer that plays by the rules. It really depends on you. However make sure that the photographers are professional in their conduct. You don’t want them to annoy the guests that have come to your wedding.

Get Real Testimonials

Most Cornwall photographers worth their salt will furnish you with glowing testimonials from previous clients. But don’t just look at the testimonials they provide. Look online for genuine reviews from people who have used their services. Or better still ask to speak to one of their happy clients to discover what they liked about the photographer, the way he or she worked on the wedding day and get more information about the quality of their finished photos and wedding albums.

Also see PopPhoto’s Tips for Shooting a Wedding When You’re Not a Wedding Photographer. I hope that our tips were helpful and they enabled you to make a wise decision about your Cornwall wedding photographer. Keep in mind all the points when you are choosing someone. After all this is your big day and you don’t want a rotten photographer to spoil it. Choose wisely but with an open mind. Your wedding photos are your important memories from the big day. When it’s all over you will be able to look at your wedding photo album with pure pride. Have a happy wedding!

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