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Tips to Enjoying a Holiday in Cornwall without Breaking the Bank

Going on a Cornish holiday can be so much fun, especially if you’re going to go with your family or even your best buddies. Unfortunately, if you’re not really going to plan for it, you might end up spending more money than you have budgeted. You can still enjoy the great offerings of Cornwall without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for your consideration.

Skip the hotel and go for a hostel instead. 

While Cornwall has plenty of inexpensive tourist attractions, you will find its hotels to still be quite expensive compared to hotels in other areas of Britain. Hotel accommodations form a significant part of your holiday budget. If you can skip the hotel and instead opt for less expensive yet equally comfortable and convenient accommodation, then you’re guaranteed to have a better holiday ahead of you. Hostels in Cornwall come with en-suite rooms as well as other amenities that can substantially cut your costs.

Share your accommodation with your friends. 

There are lots of benefits when going on a holiday with friends. First, it’s more fun as you’ll be sharing every moment of your adventures with them. Secondly, it makes things more economical as you can split the cost of an accommodation amongst yourselves. For instance, booking an Edwardian house that typically sleeps 10 people can set you back by about £1,225 in St. Ives. If there are 10 of you in your group, each one will only be paying £122.50. Try comparing this to an accommodation that sleeps only 4 people at £800 and each one will be paying £200.

Try glamping. 

If you don’t like the idea of a hostel, then you might want to try glampsites instead. The areas around the Trecombe Lakes in Falmouth as well as those in St. Ives are well-known for their deluxe camping under the moonlit night-time skies. You’ll get the option of shepherd huts to Scandinavian-styled pods to hobbit houses and many more. You will be sleeping under the starry skies but with a luxurious and comfortable bed beneath you. Or you could sleep in your vehicle or hire a camper van instead. See this video:

Research Tourism Attractions Before Your Holiday.

Once you know you are going to Cornwall on holiday, it pays to research the tourism attractions you will want to visit first. There are many great things to see and do in Cornwall. A good place to start is this BG Adventure article which outlines some of the must-see attractions and must-do activities in Cornwall. You can also try local tourism sites such as, which runs discounts and promotions from time to time. Or go to the attraction’s website itself for the latest news and tips.

Give a working holiday a serious thought. 

The National Trust offers a wide range of working holiday where you will be helping the Trust preserve some of its assets by performing a variety of work. It’s like volunteering for the upkeep of the interests of the National Trust. Like any work, you will also enjoy time off to give you the chance to enjoy the beauty and history of the local community. In many cases, free activities are provided as part of the Trust deal.

Check out the local papers upon arrival. 

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Cornish Guardian the moment you set foot on Cornish lands. This paper often gives out vouchers which you can then redeem and make your holiday less of a money-draining activity. Besides, the Guardian will typically give you an insight on the latest happenings in town so you’ll know what to do.

Going on a Cornish holiday need not be expensive. You only need to cut down on your accommodation costs and everything should be fine.

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