Land's End in West Cornwall
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Top 6 Things To Do In West Cornwall

Tourism is incredibly important to the UK economy. It is one of the most popular countries in the world for visiting tourists. And this does not come as a surprise because the UK has a rich and varied history, with plenty to see and do from its historic monuments and fine museums, to its modern attractions and thriving nightlife scene. The sheer variety of tourism opportunities in the UK is sure to satisfy different people from all walks of life. It’s also no surprise, that within the UK the region of Cornwall is the most popular for visitors and holidaymakers. But Cornwall is also very big and not easy to do everything in one short holiday, therefore it’s recommended to focus on one particular area.

One such area which is very interesting for tourists and holidaymakers is the West Cornwall region. What makes this region particularly unique, is the wide variety of attractions that it has to offer. From awe-inspiring beaches, breathtaking sceneries, and historical monuments that have stood the test of time. There are so many reasons to visit West Cornwall. But here is a personal selection of the top 6 things to do in West Cornwall.


1) Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden – St. Ives

The museum was established back in 1949 by Barbabra Hepworth. From that year up until 1975, she and her husband continuously worked diligently to create a wide array of monumental sculptures that resides in a large visually appealing garden. Another interesting aspect about this museum is the fact that her house and studio are displayed as a part of the museum as well. Many of the furniture, sculpture tools and even clothing that she used is displayed throughout her home and studio and left as it was back in the year of 1980, when she passed away. Which essentially allows the user to experience what it was like, to live in the 1970s.

2) St. Ives Bay – St. Ives

West Cornwall Beach Near MouseholeThe is a beach lovers dream come true. This popular bay has been renowned for its the incredible view that it has to offer and the fact that it essentially consists of 3 miles of open sand, which means that overcrowding is never a problem. Due to the strong winds that pass over the bay, on any given day you can see an abundance of surfers, fishermen and boats, that make the whole scenery draw you in even more.

3) Chysauster – Penzance

If you could sum up a total of three words that would accurately describe Chysauster, it would be “ancient history preserved”. Chysauster, was an ancient village that was occupied somewhere around 500 BC during the age of the Romans. Visitors have the opportunity to see the ruins of the old settlements and imagine the harsh conditions that people back then endured, such as their houses that were made out of stone, settlements where they kept their animals and even an underground passage which leads to a ritual building.

4) Minack Theatre – Porthcurno

The Minack Theatre is a replica of an ancient open air theatre that was carved into the cliff which consists of granite steps which serve as seats for the audience. What makes this attraction so unique is that at first glance you may assume that it was built by the Greeks, but in all actuality it was created approximately 80 years ago. During the summer, the theatre hosts a variety of operas, musicals and dramatic plays that essentially plays out as it would of, back in early century BC. And as far as the scenery goes, besides an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean in the background, it’s also surrounded by a wide array of exotic plants and trees. This is a must visit place for tourists coming to West Cornwall, who can stay nearby in Sennen, Lamorna or Mousehole cottages, campsites, hotels and holiday parks.

5) Land’s End – Land’s End

Land’s End has been highly praised for the fact that it offers a wide variety of activities and attractions that appeal to the younger generation. From their state of the art 4D cinema, Greeb Farm Tour, and interactive actives such as Arthur’s quest and The Shaun the Sheep Experience which consists of a wide array of interactive technologies that has been designed to give children a chance to experience a magical world of sorts, it’s a perfect place to visit if you have children.

6) Paradise Park – Hayle

If you have a profound love for birds, this next attraction is sure to spark your interest and consider to be the best West Cornwall things to do for children. Paradise Park is a sanctuary that was designed exclusively for birds. It features over 400 different types of birds, many of whom are rare and endangered of going extinct. Once a visitor goes to Paradise park, they have an option of being able to visit for just a day and the option of being able to rent a tent or rental unit as well. As far as activities goes, the park also features 2 heated pools, 3 Jacuzzis, Paddleboat races, a game room and fishing derbies. On top of that, visitors also have the opportunity to utilise a functioning railway to get to different sections of the park.

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