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Visiting the Isles Of Scilly

Many people do not realize that Cornwall has tropical islands. They are a bit further away, 28 miles away from Land’s End, but the Isles of Scilly can be easily reached from the mainland. In all, there are 140 islands but the smallest are just a bit bigger than a rock and the biggest is not more than three by two miles.

A ferry is available daily at 8 am, leaving from Penzance Docks and crossing the Atlantic for 3 hours before arriving at St. Mary’s, which is the largest island. It is also possible to fly from Newquay, Exeter, and Land’s End and take 15 to 30 minutes.

Which Islands Can You Visit?

1. St. Mary

This is the biggest island, with a population of 1800, and this is where you start on the journey to other islands. Hugh Town, the capital, is small like a village, but it has its own charm. The island also has 3 picture-perfect beaches (Town Beach, Porthcressa, and Porthmellon) which are close by.

Take the time to explore the coastline, which has white beaches, archaeological sites, rocky coves, and wonderful seascapes. There are also paths and trails for a nice walk.

2. Bryher


While it has a hotel, post office, shop, and a pub, only 85 people actually live here. You can feel secluded but still have all you need. Bring your camera as you would definitely want to capture its beauty, from white sand beaches to blue waters and waves crashing on the rocky coastline.

3. Tresco

You can be on an isolated island and still enjoy some luxuries. The second-largest island has New Inn, which is award-winning for its food and accommodation. The island also boasts the Tresco Abbey Garden and romantic castles, besides the usual secluded beach and picturesque coastline.

4. St. Martins

While it is only 2 miles long, the island has the best beaches in all of Cornwall and Great Britain. You can stay a stone’s throw away from the beach at Karma St. Martin’s, which may look like some traditional stone cottages. They actually hide a luxurious modern hotel with views of the ocean and a relaxing spa.

5. St. Agnes

This small island is full of surprises and contrasts. On the west side, there are rocky outcrops, but there are also sheltered coves with tranquil beaches. Inland, on the other hand, there are quaint cottages and colorful flower fields. At the highest point is a lighthouse. The island has a growing community of people working in the farms and the local industry.

Of the 140, only these 5 are really inhabited, though there are ways to visit the others. The Isles of Scilly might not be as popular, but they make for a great trip to explore the hidden treasures of Cornwall. They also boast their own seafood-dominated cuisine and have miles and miles of beautiful paths waiting to be explored. If you are looking for a unique adventure during your Cornish holiday, then check the islands out and allow yourself to be surprised by their beauty.

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