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Top 5 Must-Try Cornish Dishes and Treats

Cornish cream tea

You’ll never truly enjoy a Cornish holiday if you don’t sample some of its most famous dishes and treats. Known for their use of only the freshest local produce and ingredients freshly caught off the Cornish coast, these foods from Cornwall are a reflection of the region’s rich maritime and mining heritage where local fishermen and miners were treated to a feast of ingredients that were readily available without the fuss and flair of modern cuisines. Here are the top 4 must-try Cornish dishes and treats to complete your holiday vacation in Cornwall.

1.       Cornish Pasty

A visit to Cornwall is never complete without tasting the Cornish Pasty. Sure, you can get this in other cosy restaurants in other parts of the UK as well the rest of the world but there is something magical about the way these baked goodies are produced in Cornwall. Known among locals as “oggies”, the Cornish pasty is a smorgasbord of flavours and aromas that can only come from the most succulent beef you can find, mixed with onions, potatoes, and swede, before meticulously folded and baked to give you its classic Cornish taste.

2.       Stargazy Pie

With 80 per cent of Cornwall’s perimeter washed by the warm waters of the sea, fresh seafood is a staple. One of the best ways to enjoy this bounty from the sea, baked in the same tradition as the Cornish pasty, is devouring an entire serving of Stargazy pie. In case you’re wondering why they call it as such, you get the heads of fishes poking straight up the surface of the freshly baked pie, like the pillars of Stonehenge watching the night time sky. You’ve got herring, mackerel, or even pilchards sticking their heads, looking skywards, from a bed of thickened milk, white wine, boiled eggs, onions, potatoes, and bacon.

3.       Cornish Cream Tea

While Cornwall is famous for its coastline, it is also home to some of UK’s famed dairy farms. As such, it is expected that they produce one of the UK’s most indulgent, creamiest, and freshest clotted cream. The best way to enjoy this is by ordering baked scones and strawberry jam while downing a piping hot cup of traditional English tea. Make sure to try the Cornish ice cream, too as this is essentially made from Cornish clotted cream. There are plenty of ice cream shops in Cornwall so you’ll get to taste different regional flavours.

4.       Cornish Yarg

One of the best products from the dairy farms of Cornwall you really have to try is the Cornish yarg which is the region’s interpretation of creamy, fresh, and semi-hard cheese. Made from cow’s milk, pasteurised, and then wrapped in nettles, the Cornish yarg provides a very different cheesy experience: soft and creamy underneath the nettles and crumbly at the core.

With these delectable treats, not only are you filling your tummy with the region’s bounty; you are also taking in a part of the rich tradition and heritage of this part of the UK.

Tips to Enjoying a Holiday in Cornwall without Breaking the Bank

Three young woman eating ice cream cones at the seaside as they stroll along a waterfront promenade on a hot summer day during their vacation

Going on a Cornish holiday can be so much fun, especially if you’re going to go with your family or even your best buddies. Unfortunately, if you’re not really going to plan for it, you might end up spending more money than you have budgeted. You can still enjoy the great offerings of Cornwall without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for your consideration.

Skip the hotel and go for a hostel instead. 

While Cornwall has plenty of inexpensive tourist attractions, you will find its hotels to still be quite expensive compared to hotels in other areas of Britain. Hotel accommodations form a significant part of your holiday budget. If you can skip the hotel and instead opt for less expensive yet equally comfortable and convenient accommodation, then you’re guaranteed to have a better holiday ahead of you. Hostels in Cornwall come with en-suite rooms as well as other amenities that can substantially cut your costs.

Share your accommodation with your friends. 

There are lots of benefits when going on a holiday with friends. First, it’s more fun as you’ll be sharing every moment of your adventures with them. Secondly, it makes things more economical as you can split the cost of an accommodation amongst yourselves. For instance, booking an Edwardian house that typically sleeps 10 people can set you back by about £1,225 in St. Ives. If there are 10 of you in your group, each one will only be paying £122.50. Try comparing this to an accommodation that sleeps only 4 people at £800 and each one will be paying £200.

Try glamping. 

If you don’t like the idea of a hostel, then you might want to try glampsites instead. The areas around the Trecombe Lakes in Falmouth as well as those in St. Ives are well-known for their deluxe camping under the moonlit night-time skies. You’ll get the option of shepherd huts to Scandinavian-styled pods to hobbit houses and many more. You will be sleeping under the starry skies but with a luxurious and comfortable bed beneath you. Or you could sleep in your vehicle or hire a camper van instead. See this video:

Research Tourism Attractions Before Your Holiday.

Once you know you are going to Cornwall on holiday, it pays to research the tourism attractions you will want to visit first. There are many great things to see and do in Cornwall. A good place to start is this BG Adventure article which outlines some of the must-see attractions and must-do activities in Cornwall. You can also try local tourism sites such as, which runs discounts and promotions from time to time. Or go to the attraction’s website itself for the latest news and tips.

Give a working holiday a serious thought. 

The National Trust offers a wide range of working holiday where you will be helping the Trust preserve some of its assets by performing a variety of work. It’s like volunteering for the upkeep of the interests of the National Trust. Like any work, you will also enjoy time off to give you the chance to enjoy the beauty and history of the local community. In many cases, free activities are provided as part of the Trust deal.

Check out the local papers upon arrival. 

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Cornish Guardian the moment you set foot on Cornish lands. This paper often gives out vouchers which you can then redeem and make your holiday less of a money-draining activity. Besides, the Guardian will typically give you an insight on the latest happenings in town so you’ll know what to do.

Going on a Cornish holiday need not be expensive. You only need to cut down on your accommodation costs and everything should be fine.

Festivals to Enjoy in Cornwall

Cornwall is already a great enough destination to visit especially during summertime, but what makes it even more amazing is the fact that it is the location of some wonderful festivals. What could be more fun and exciting than joining these wonderful celebrations, preferably out in the streets with both locals and tourists? If you are looking for dates to book your Cornish holiday this year, here are some dates you might want to consider.

Falmouth Week Red Arrows

If you are looking for dates to book your Cornish holiday this year, here are some dates you might want to consider.

1. St. Piran’s Day

On March 5, the whole of Cornwall celebrates the day of their patron saint. There will be lots of events all over the county, and adults can especially celebrate in the many pubs in the area.

2. World Pasty Championships

Although there is no date yet set for this activity, it has already been confirmed to take place again at the Eden Project. Celebrate Cornwall’s iconic and traditional food as prepared by the best professional and amateur bakers around the world.

3. Falmouth Spring Festival

Garden and flower lovers should not miss this festival, where they can go for beautiful walks, consult with the best gardeners and simply celebrate the most colorful season of the year.

4. Easter Events

This is one of the best times to visit Cornwall with small children because there are Easter Egg hunts all over. The best places to celebrate include St. Michael’s Mount, The Eden Project, and the Trerife Easter Food and Craft Fair.

5. Porthleven’s Food and Music Festival

How about a weekend enjoying two of the best things out there, food and music? The only thing that makes it even better is that you get to enjoy it by the harbor!

6. St. Ives May Day

This event dates back to several hundred years ago in West Cornwall, celebrating the fact that winter is over and that spring has begun. Visitors can participate in parades, traditional dances, and music.

7. Royal Cornwall Show

This event has been planned for June 8 to 10 and has been happening yearly since 1793. In fact, this is one of the most popular events in Cornwall, where visitors can experience how life is in Cornwall.

8. Music And Arts Festivals

Cornwall has many outdoor festivals for music lovers, especially during the summer. The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival and the Golowan Festival takes place in June.

9. Boating Festivals

August is the time for various sailing events, from Falmouth Week (happening on August 4 to 13), the biggest sailing regatta in Southwest Cornwall. Another one you shouldn’t miss is the Fowey Regatta and Carnival Week, which features events for the whole family and culminates in a fireworks show over the harbor.

10. Food Festivals

On August 28 is the Newlyn Fish Festival at the biggest fishing port in Britain. If you love fish and seafood, then this is the event you should not miss.

On the other hand, the Great Cornish Food Festival in Truro does not just feature fish. From September 22 to 24, foodies can enjoy the best Cornish food and drinks, as well as some local entertainment.

These festivals and events only add to the reasons why Cornwall is the best holiday destination, so make sure you incorporate them in your holiday planning. Of course, there are loads more festivals and events to choose from all year round. Keep an eye on sites like this for more information on upcoming events and information on fantastic holidays in Cornwall.

Cornwall Cottages: Where to Stay

Self catering holidays offer complete flexibility and freedom. This is especially great for visitors with young families, as they can come and go as they please and relax in their own space. Unlike a hotel, where you would spend a holiday in s small room or in a communal living space. For this reason cottages and holiday homes in Cornwall make a great option for families.

The annual family holiday is a special time of year. It’s a time when the whole family can get together in an exciting location and have fun. Most families tend to opt for holidays in the sun or holidays by the sea. One of the most popular destinations for summer holidays in the UK is Cornwall. There is a wide choice of places to stay including many Cornwall cottages in destinations such as Newquay, St Ives, Falmouth, Looe and Bude.

Those looking for lovely sandy beaches and fine coastal scenery would inevitably be pulled towards the north coast of Cornwall. One area which is becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers is mid Cornwall including Perranporth, st Agnes, Porthtowan and Holywell Bay. This picturesque area is attracting families in their droves for memorable summer holidays.

Cornwall is unique as it’s a long peninsula which juts out into the Atlantic so it’s surrounding by sea on all sides apart from its border with devon to the north. People looking for coastal cottages in Cornwall will not be disappointed as many of the holiday places to stay have sea views or quick access to the beach.

Last Minute Cottages Cornwall

Although Cornwall used to have a reputation as a bucket and spade destination, today there are many upmarket hotels and places to stay for visitors who want to stay somewhere special. Most holiday resorts, villages and towns have many options for luxury cottages in Cornwall. For those that like to take their pets on holiday for long walks on the beach or coastal path, there are many fine dog friendly holiday cottages in Cornwall to choose from.

Researching Where to Eat in Cornwall

If you enjoy tasting great food while travelling around Cornwall, then this website is perfect for you. Eat Out Cornwall calls itself the ‘Number 1’ guide to eating out in Cornwall and it’s easy to see why. It is a very comprehensive website full of information and links to the best restaurants in Cornwall, plus all sorts of food and drink companies which all help to make Cornwall a famous food and drink destination for visitors.


Eat Out Cornwall is essentially a great, big directory of everything to do with food and drink in Cornwall. You can search for restaurants by name, location and/or foot type. Or you can click on a map to reveal restaurants in your chosen location. Click on Newquay, for instance, and you are presented with a very long list of the best restaurants in the town. You can then choose to narrow it down by restaurant type until you have a shortlist of places to visit next time you fancy eating out.


One of the most popular sections in the website is the Padstow page. This list of all Padstow Restaurants lists all the old favourites such as Rick Stein’s Cafe and Pescadou, but also some popular new additions such as The Basement and Burgers and Fish. Also very popular destinations with a huge list of restaurants to try are Fowey and St Ives, which have become remarkable foodie havens in recent years.

But it’s not just restaurants which hug the limelight on this fantastic website. The site also features cafes, pubs, take-aways and pop-up restaurants across the length and breadth of Cornwall. Eat Out Cornwall also has an extensive list of the top food producers in the county. This list includes bakers, butchers, brewers and fishmongers. You can even find the county’s best creators of jams and preserves, plus a list of the best producers of Cornish pasties.

Perhaps my favourite part of this wonderful site is a section called Cornwall’s Best Kept Secrets. In this section, the Eat Out Cornwall team have hand-picked a short list of restaurants that don’t often get mentioned and yet offers some of the best dining experiences in Cornwall. If you’re looking for somewhere new to try, this is the section for you. This is where I discovered some of my personal favourite restaurants and cafes including C-bay in Crantock and Trevalsa Restaurant in Mevagissey.

For fantastic food knowledge and tips for eating out in Cornwall, this website should not be missed. Visit the Eat Out website here:

Romantic Locations in Cornwall for Memorable Wedding Photos

Wedding Venues Cornwall

Choosing the best location for scenic wedding photos is not only daunting but expensive too. However, the venue you select plays a significant role to determine the tone of the wedding as well as how successful it will be. While it is important to select an incredible location for your special day, remember to keep track of your budget to avoid unnecessary frustrations.

There is a huge amount of choice in Cornwall when it comes to wedding venues. Some are large, others are small; some are posh, others are laid back. But whatever your taste or budget you will not be disappointed as Cornwall has the more scenic locations for tying the knot than anywhere else in the UK. It’s an absolute dream for couples and the wedding photographer Cornwall they have chosen to document their day. Whether by the beautiful coast or in the attractive rolling countryside, Cornwall makes the perfect backdrop of wedding day photographs. Here are some of the most popular scenic wedding venues.

Beacon Crag

Beacon Crag is also a popular location in Cornwall for scenic wedding photos and reception as well. It is a house situated at the edge of the cliffs approximately fifty meters away from the seaside. Beacon Crag is easily accessible as it is located near the Porthleven town. The house has the ability to accommodate any size of wedding and offers a spacious compound where you can setup a large marquee to make the venue better. Pictures taken by a professional with a background of the seaside and the cliffs are just Awesome. Make your occasion a glorious Cornish day in this Cornish spot.

Mount Edgcumbe House & Country Park

This house is located inside Cornwall with spectacular views across Devon to Tamar. The estate of Mount Edgecumbe is a popular summer going spot due to the many activities to do around as well as interesting attraction sites. The house can accommodate wedding parties, but you need to make a booking in advance. There is a secluded spot close to the river of the Orangery which is worth a visit and few pictures during your wedding day. The part has well maintained gardens with several types of flowers to give you awesome photograph spots. A two minutes’ walk from the house through the garden will lead you to River Tamar with clean flowing water, another spot for photograph lovers.

Boconnoc House & Gardens

This is a country estate found in the south eastern side of Cornwall that is tucked down about 2 miles of private roads. The house is always available for hire for any type of occasion but weddings dominate the venue. The place is easily accessible located approximately 15 minutes and 40 minutes from Bodin and Newquay respectively. If you are looking for a private magnificent park for your day, then Boconnoc House is the place to be. There are well-set lawns in front of the house a good spot for reception and drinks. You can take memorable pictures with views across the parkland capturing the lake down in the valley. Most people use Boconnoc House and park as a haven where you come with ideas and visions on how you want the day to be. The wedding committee can create their own personal magic by utilising the available spaces. The friendly workers around and the management will advise you on what works out best to make your day memorable and successful.