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Top 5 Must-Try Cornish Dishes and Treats

You’ll never truly enjoy a Cornish holiday if you don’t sample some of its most famous dishes and treats. Known for their use of only the freshest local produce and ingredients freshly caught off the Cornish coast, these foods from Cornwall are a reflection of the region’s rich maritime and mining heritage where local fishermen and miners were treated to a feast of ingredients that were readily available without the fuss and flair of modern cuisines. Here are the top 4 must-try Cornish dishes and treats to complete your holiday vacation in Cornwall. 1.       Cornish Pasty A visit to Cornwall is never complete without tasting the Cornish Pasty. Sure, you can get this in other cosy restaurants in other parts of the UK as well the rest of the world but there is something magical about the way these baked goodies are produced in Cornwall.

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