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Top 9 Things to Do in Cornwall to Rekindle Your Relationship

Whether it’s your honeymoon or you simply want to rekindle the passion in your relationship, Cornwall has some of the best things to offer that you and your partner will definitely enjoy. From Cornish pasties to traveling back in time to experience different biomes under one roof, Cornwall definitely has it. Here are top 9 things to do in Cornwall that will help rekindle the passion in your relationship.

kiss Cornwall

1.       Fill your heart with Cornish pasties. 

Honeymoon in Cornwall will never be complete without satisfying your tummy and filling your heart with the rich, crumbly goodness of Cornish pasties. Head out to Padstow as they’ve got some of the best shops that bake these beef and potato goodies.

2.       Go watch marine life in action. 

From bottlenose dolphins to Risso’s to basking sharks and harbour porpoise, the waters off Penzance provide an excellent opportunity to watch these marine creatures in action, up close and personal. Seabirds, seals, and cetaceans are excellent creatures to watch, too.

3.       Travel back to King Arthur’s time. 

Tintagel in Cornwall

If you believe in Arthurian Legends or ascribe to the never-ending love story of Tristan and Princess Isolde, then you simply have to check out Tintagel Castle and bask in the glory of dramatic sea views, wave-carved cliffs, and myth and mystery-filled history. Take a walk through the various magical caves and explore secluded pebble beaches.

4.       Ride the surf and rule the waves. 

The Cornish coastline is famous for its surf schools. And if you’re only beginning to learn the ropes of riding a wave, then Polzeath is just for you. It features gentle yet very consistent waves which should make learning and mastering wave-riding techniques a lot easier.

5.       Indulge in clotted creams and Cornish ice creams. 

Cornish cream tea

Just as Cornwall is known for its pasties, it is also famous for its clotted cream. St. Austell houses some of the region’s best clotted cream shops. And if you want Cornish ice cream, you can check out the famed ice cream factories of Bodmin.

6.       Taste Cornish tipples. 

If you and your partner have a fascination for beer, a visit to St. Austell Brewery is a must. Explore their marvellous museum and sample some of the region’s favourite brews such as Korev Cornish Lager and Tribute.

7.       Experience the best of nature in one roof. 

You don’t need to go to a tropical rainforest or explore the environs of the Mediterranean to understand these biomes as these are already replicated inside the Eden Project. Ride the 660-metre Skywire to get a really good view of the Project.

8.       Traverse Newquay’s famed rock formations. 

Aside from its famous beaches and surfing spots, Cornwall is also famous for its coasteering adventures especially those in Newquay. Explore the waters while scaling the craggy cliffs.

9.       Stand at UK’s tip. 

Want to know where the tip of the British Isles is? It’s at Land’s End. Its unbridled beauty should help rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Technically, if you’re on a honeymoon or a lovers’ holiday in Cornwall, you can simply unwind anywhere.

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